Landless Workers' Movement: History did not end.

The Brazilian Landless Workers' Movement (MST) described by protagonists and not protagonists. Encampments and settlements, agricultural cooperatives, the political role played by the MST in Brazil. Fourteen interviews to people who participated to the born of the movement, national coordinators, the Pastoral Land Commission, journalists, activists. The documentary presents as well an analysis by Jose' Luiz del Rojo (World Social Forum) about one of the social movements which , more of than others, understood the Brazilian soul. The weaponless fight of a people which asks for the basic rights of citizenship.

3 thoughts on “Landless Workers' Movement: History did not end.

  1. Mario Alemi:
    I am coordinating a series of films around squatting and would very much like to show your film as part of it.
    We have a constructed a cinema in the space we have been occupying in central London for the past year, and since the beginning of this month, in conjunction with full unemployment cinema have begun to screen films regularly.
    Over the course of the summer i would like to show a series of films that document different forms of squatting or land occupation. Let me know what you think about us showing your film as part of this, and also - i don't know where you are based - but whether you'd be up for attending and maybe giving an introduction or something, which would obviously be really really excellent.
    look forward to hearing from you

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